When you want to appeal the outcome of your case, you need a lawyer who has specialized in appellate practice. At the law office of Murphy, Butterfield & Holland, PC, we are experienced in filing appeals for cases even if we were not involved in the proceedings from the very beginning. We’ve handled appeals from local zoning boards all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are three good reasons for seeking a new lawyer:
1) Appellate practice is very different from trial practice, and a lawyer who is not familiar with the particular rules and procedures of appellate practice can easily make a crucial mistake.
2) The lawyer who tried the original case may not be able to look objectively at new theories. A new, refreshed point of view can drastically improve your appeal.
3) A lawyer who is skilled at presenting facts to a jury does not necessarily have the skills to persuade a panel of appellate judges. You wouldn’t ask a pediatrician to remove your appendix, and you shouldn’t ask a trial lawyer to handle your appeal.
Deadlines vary, but a deadline can be in as little as ten days after a ruling, which is why it’s so important not to wait.
The appeals process can be slow–frustratingly slow. One of our important roles as your lawyer is to keep you informed of what’s happening, even if it’s very little, and to be available at any time to answer your questions.
Results can vary greatly, from a reversal of decision to a retrial.