Elder law addresses legal issues for people ages 65 and older, dealing with issues as they age, such as retirement, health care, nursing homes, social security, providing for family, and estate planning. At the Law Office of Murphy, Butterfield & Holland, P.C., we’re proud to assist our elders and their families.

Frequently Asked Questions

Elder law and estate planning are generally considered the same thing, looking to preserve your estate while a person is alive and how to distribute the assets once he or she has passed.
A power of attorney is someone who is responsible to control your finances if you are disabled or unable to make those decisions.
A living trust is a document that collects or names all of your assets, and determines who will control those assets. A living will is a document that defines your wishes about healthcare and life support if you become incapacitated
There are a variety of options available to address nursing home bills, but all come with positives and negatives. It shouldn’t cost you a fortune to plan for how to deal with nursing home costs, and with MBH it won’t.