Being charged with a criminal offense, regardless of the seriousness, is a trying and difficult matter. All criminal convictions have consequences, some of which are not evident. Each case is brought by officers and prosecutors who are well-trained and experienced in the criminal process. When you’re charged with a criminal offense, you need a lawyer experienced in defending these charges.

The law office of Murphy, Butterfield & Holland, PC, has specialized lawyers who have defended against a full range of criminal charges from public drunkenness to sex offenses to homicides. The most important thing to have on your side is experience – a lawyer who has worked for both the prosecution and defense, who has successfully represented a variety of cases.

Frequently Asked Questions

Punishment in criminal cases depend largely on two factors: the seriousness of the crime charged and the defendant’s prior criminal record. The potential penalties vary accordingly, but can include imprisonment in a state, county, or federal facility, probation or parole supervision, fines, and/or restitution.
Absolutely. An attorney can review the evidence against you to determine whether it was lawfully obtained; if it was not, the case against you may not be able to proceed. Also, an attorney can ensure that you are pleading to the charge that best fits the facts of your case, thus preventing you from facing greater sanctions than you should be.